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i am resigning…
Disyembre 7, 2007, 12:51 hapon
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after so much thought and brainwashing from my significant others, i decided to take a break and to take a new career path. I am sick and tired of my job! if not only for my boss who has this big heart to his subordinates then i might be long gone here. Sometimes, the rank and file employees stay in the company not because of the company itself but due to the people they are working with and most specially to their direct supervisor or manager. that logic applies in my situation right now.  If i become a manager soon, i would be more likely to adopt the intelligence, discipline and integrity of my manager. He may have some weaknesses but that’s not enough to topple his power to lead and good governance. He may be strict at times but that’s reasonable so far.

but sometimes there came a point in our lives that we wanted to find our own worth and niche in this world. and sometimes we wanted to come out from our comfort zone in order to test our limits and endurance.

i am resigning because i am tired and sick of my job. thats true! i am resigning because i feel like theres somehing missing that i have to discover on my own. I am resigning because i want to experience the thrill of paranoia. i want to achieve the maslow’s hierarchy of needs. i want to become self- actualized. i want money, the green ones.

i am resigning because i feel like im different. my likes and dislike always collide with them. my interest on books and other forms entertainment seems like a far cry from them. i dont want to fake this anymore. i want to expose myself to people where we have the same field of interests and with certain nerve connections. i realized all these shit even before i started working with them but i ignore it because attitude wise they are really really good to me, especially my boss who is like a father figure to me.  but sometimes this is not enough reason to extend my stay here for another months. i need a break, i need space and therefore it’s a must to resign.

to come up with this decision is like a suicidal attempt because i am trying to kill the source of my income. i dont know what will happen to me after leaving my post. i am not even certain if i could find a new job that would give me the thrill and excitement that i am looking for. obviously, this is risky because i have no idea what’s waiting for me at the end of this journey. but at least, i tried. and i do hope i can learn somthing to this new endeavor.

however, i already accepted wholeheartedly whatever the outcome of my decision. if i succeed then thats great and if i failed then that’s so much better. sometimes we need to fail for us to teach ourselves a lesson. we need to feel the pain to prepare ourselves to much more painful situations that will come along our way.

for my dear manager, thank you for believing my skills and talents, for the “push button” that i can do it and for the encouragement that i can do more beyond my imagination. Thank you for the advice and it really helps me a lot for my decision-making in life. We may have sometimes have clashing of ideas and philosophies in life and in work but still that’s not enough reason to discount my high respect on you. you are such a great person and you always deserve a great team. I will never forget the things that i have learned from you and i will always bring those lessons to my journey. i hope that you gonna respect my decison. i am rooting on you sir and i am asking your support towards my long journey to success.

to my officemates, im sorry for the unbearable jokes.hehehehe i know most of the time i am so tactless and  i did hurt your feelings but thats really part of the game that you should not be taken seriously. if theres one thing that you have to b serious about thats my resignation. thanks for the help and assistance. and hopefully you gonna welcome my new replacemnt with open hearts and full of love. and now you can have a peace of mind. no papers all over your desks and fax machines , no missing files and  no frank calls. hheheh

i am resigning, would you believe it? i am resigning soon. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY BECAUSE THIS IS TRUE.

I resigned.


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wow, new layout.. nice. very nice.
i’ve read “Who moved my cheese?” by some guy.
it really helped me understand ’bout finding new “cheese”

also i recommend.
“The monk who sold his ferarri”. its a very good motivational book. really made a difference. heheheh

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