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time to move on…
Disyembre 7, 2007, 12:18 hapon
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four years ago when ypu died because of my infidelity. four years of loneliness, of misery, of disaster, of anger, of depression, of wearing a mask, and of living in the dark. now is the right time to shape up, to strengthen my weakness, to face my failure, and to come out from the dark room and to face the UV rays.

today is the right time to face the truth, the right avenue to address my disappointment and the right moment to express my thoughts and feelings.

if there’s anyone who can suspend judgment against me YOU can never be qualified. YOU are such a ruthless individual, insensitive and pathetic. YOU are a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT because you let this society to run your own judgment. YOU are a BIG DISGRACE because i thought YOU are more clever than  3/4 of this population! and why YOU should care? why now? why not after his death? do YOU think everything will be back to normal again after you showed up?

Today is the right time to move on, to leave the past behind and to forget all those sweet nothing memories. I am bitch! I can dare to say it now. YOU are bitch dude! I am a pimp! YOU are An Asshole!

Tomorrow is my new day to start a new life and excitedly to face  the challeges that awaits me. and tomorrow is your day to say goodbye.


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