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Enero 19, 2008, 8:08 hapon
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maybe u can call me stupid. i like you. but why is is too hard for you to understand that? i am bitch and u are a bitch! i thought everything is ok now. u like me. but why u always choose to hurt me? i feel like ur enjoying every moment to see me in despair and hurting.

our first time virtual meeting open to a lot of opprotunities. we are both bitch and with overlapping egos. and i was surprised that from time to time i learned to love your habitual critics of my lovelife and even my grammars. and i became ur admirer and a friend.

but now i cant understand my feelings. u lemme see ur webcam with ur private organ hanging. it reli offended me a lot. if u dont want me to be ur friend then say it now. i am not a d*%^Y% eater! never been! thats a bad move dude! very bad!

mc coy, i hope you have this face to fight ur fears. do not be afraid to show ur feelings. do not dwell from ur past. life is too uncertain. i reli hate myself because i strated to like you. i almost fall in love again! shit!

u said that this world is full of users  and i shud not burn bridges. i am sorry but i dont want to have a connection with u anymore. so please delete my no. and i also do the same thing!



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