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to my dearest..
Marso 21, 2008, 1:26 hapon
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hurt. shocked. alarmed. confused. crushed. i dont know how to comfort myself. its my fault, i know. im demanding. im spoiled brat. but i know u dont care about my feelings. u are more concerned about your friends than me. fuck them off!

you actually came at the right place but at the wrong time. i am not yet prepared to the kind of life that you offer. i cannot live your world. i cannot fake my feelings. i am not naive. i am not you. but if you gonna ask me if i still love you. yes, i really really love you. but thats not enough ingredient to stick up with you.

but anyway thanks for bringing my old self back. thank you for being faithful. thank you for inspiring me again. thank you for giving me a chance to glimpse your complicated world.

and i am sorry for my bad deeds. i am very sorry for being such an irresponsible boyfriend.

yup we can be friends. better that way. but if someday u need someone to comfort you… dont worry boo i would still love to hold your hands and walk under the moon with you.

i love you soo much but love alone is not enough.
best regards,



5 mga puna so far
Mag-iwan ng puna

to my dearest………. sino? o.O

Komento ni foobarph

the nurse guy…hayy sobrang drama ng buhay

Komento ni bai

para saken ba yan?walang name eh..ahehe..joke..

Komento ni Maldito

hahaha di yan para sa iyo..PT ka naman at di nurse.. 🙂

Komento ni bai

amards2x lagi noh.. hehehe..

Komento ni chase/chubz

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